American Heartthrob, Selena Gomez, Discusses Her Love For Rema

Selena Gomez, an American pop artist, has expressed her appreciation for Rema and the reasons why she believes he merits the widespread acclaim he is receiving. The pop artist claimed that after hearing Runaway, she fell in love with Rema and has remained a fan ever since.

Selena continued by saying that she wanted to work with Rema because she admired his aura and would always go to any lengths to safeguard their connection.

In her words:

“When I met him, I honestly was so impressed by his demeanor, how humble and how grateful he is for every moment. And I just couldn’t pick someone else, who deserves all this success in the world. He is so kind. I don’t know, I just wanna like take care of him [laughs] .”

During a recent interview on the VA 100 New York Podcast, she made all of these disclosures. The American artist, meantime, expressed her gratitude to Rema for the wonderful opportunity to appear in his smash track Calm Down. On Instagram, Selena thanked him for permanently changing her life and posted two pictures of her and Rema from the Calm Down music video.

She also included a few stills from their Calm Down video, which exhibited her customary grace and charm. With his number-one smash, “Calm Down,” Rema also created the most history in his career. Calm Down has eclipsed Ckay’s Love Nwantiti as the most watched Afrobeat video ever. This great accomplishment received 355 million views.

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