Asake Enlists H.E.R. For “Lonely At The Top” Remix

With his choice to formally cement his international presence with a high-profile collaboration, Asake, the Nigerian musical genius, has gained even more momentum in his reign at the forefront of Afrobeats discourses globally.Once again, Asake, a Grammy Award nominee, ignited the music scene with his remix of his number-one hit song, “Lonely At the Top.”This time, he recruits the ethereal vocals of Grammy Award-winning and multi-talented musician H.E.R, producing an incredible remix.

H.E.R.’s amazing vocals elevate the already-favorite tune “Lonely at the Top” to remarkable heights. While adding new elements to enhance the listening experience, the remix keeps the original’s contagious vitality intact. Asake is still making waves in the music business, recognized for his unique style and ability to slickly combine R&B, Afrobeat, and other genres. The partnership between Asake and H.E.R., a well-loved artist around the world for her moving and heartfelt performances, gives the rhythm a touch of appeal on a worldwide scale, and social media has responded favorably to the partnership, which is guaranteed to turn heads.

Asake Enlists H.e.r. For &Quot;Lonely At The Top&Quot; Remix, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

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