Baby Tate & Saweetie Release Feisty Remix Of “Hey, Mickey!”

Atlanta’s rising star Baby Tate has teamed up with Grammy-nominated sensation Saweetie for a remix of “Hey, Mickey!” – a fiery reimagining of Toni Basil’s iconic 1981 hit. Available through Warner Records, the collaboration delivers an unstoppable blend of empowerment, energy, and irresistible lyricism, highlighting the duo’s remarkable chemistry and talent for catchy wordplay.

Baby Tate expressed her excitement about the remix’s success, saying, “It’s unbelievable how much ‘Hey, Mickey’ has taken off in recent months! I’m incredibly proud to breathe new life into this song with Saweetie’s amazing verse and a sizzling video that I can’t wait for everyone to watch!”

“Hey, Mickey!” brings together all of Baby Tate’s signature elements: powerful beats, provocative lines, and an unforgettable chorus. The song features catchy lyrics like, “Met this boy named Mickey, he had on some yellow Dickies. I knew he was a hoe because his neck had hella hickies.” Saweetie then joins in with her captivating verse, adding, “Aye Mickey, maybe I could be yo’ Minnie. I’m about my cheddar, but I never been no snitchey.”

The original version of “Hey, Mickey!” was released by Tate in 2016 and exploded in popularity on TikTok this year, garnering over 140 million global streams. With the release of this remix, the song’s success is anticipated to reach new heights. The collaboration follows Tate


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