Basketmouth Details Why He Did Not Vote

Bright Okpocha, otherwise recognized as Basketmouth, one of the best and most popular comedians in Nigeria, has grown to the peak of his career, making him an influential public figure, which is why he felt the need to explain to his fans and admirers why he couldn’t cast a vote in the recently concluded presidential elections. So the entertainment mogul took to Instagram to let the cat out of the bag.

In case anyone had forgotten, he began by reminding everyone how committed he had been to speaking up about the wrongs in the country. Then he went straight for the bull’s eye by admitting how bad he felt for not participating in the elections. However, he did not end it there. He explained that what held him down was his US shows planned a year ago to make proper arrangements for venues and dates.

He also added that this was out of his hands as Nigeria’s general elections had not happened in February, the same month his annual valentine stand-up specials are held overseas. But, shifting away from that, he lauded the Nigerian youth for “taking a stand” and thanked his fans for the understanding shown and for trooping out to support him.

Basketmouth Details Why He Did Not Vote, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

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