Bishop Oyedepo Finally Speaks Out About The Leaked Audio

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, declared yesterday that he never advocated for or spoke on behalf of any politician in the run-up to the nation’s general elections in 2023.

In response to the leaked audio between the cleric and Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, on the eve of the presidential election, discussing how to mobilize Christians in Kwara and South-West states to vote for him, Oyedepo said this while addressing the congregation at the church’s headquarters, Faith Tabernacle, in Ota, Ogun State (Obi).

In the meantime, the cleric claimed he never addressed a crowd on behalf of any politician while subtly referencing the allegedly leaked phone conversation between him and Obi. Before the election, he said, all political parties requested his prayers and counsel, and he provided it.

He insisted that no one had ever told him what to say. Several of Obi’s followers claimed that the audio had been altered, bringing criticism to Obi. However, Kenneth Okonkwo, spokesman for the Labour Party Presidential Campaign, confirmed the authenticity in a statement in the early hours of Sunday but argued that opponents had taken it out of context.

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