Blxst Releases Music Video For “Passionate” Featuring Roddy Ricch

Blxst released the much-anticipated music video for his Roddy Ricch-assisted track, “Passionate,” from his four-song EP, Just For Clarity 2, on April 6, 2023. The stunningly breathtaking video, directed by Mayowa and Blu, features Blxst rapping poolside with a love interest, playing for live crowds, driving state-of-the-art sports cars, and flaunting iced-out necklaces.

In the video, Roddy Ricch appears, wearing a range of colorful sweaters as he delivers his bars from a magnificent estate high up in the hills.

Blxst’s “Passionate” has swiftly gained notice from fans and critics alike, with lyrics like “I put on for the city, I put on for the map, tell them n**gas, ‘Tap in,’ we on the phone, it’s a wrap.”

Blxst’s 2021 EP featured collaborations with Russ and the late Drakeo the Ruler, and Just For Clarity 2 is the follow-up. Blxst sought the support of three additional artists for his latest project: Mustard appears on “Ghetto Cinderella,” Larry June appears on “Keep Calling,” and Roddy Ricch, as previously announced, appears on “Passionate.” Blxst’s solo effort, “Call My Bluff,” is the EP’s fourth track.

The release of the music video for “Passionate” has created a lot of talk in the music industry, and fans are excited to see what Blxst has in store for the future. Meanwhile, in other music news, Coachella will have Frank Ocean’s Blonde Black Friday edition vinyl available.


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