Burna Boy’s “I Told Them” Tour Now Includes Additional Dates

With a new date added to his “I Told Them” tour, Nigerian musician Burna Boy is expected to enthrall Montreal audiences. The show is slated to take place at the Bell Center on February 29, 2023.

Burna Boy’s “I Told Them” tour had included over 20 venues, so it’s a little strange to some fans that he would just add another show after three out of the 20 shows had to be canceled.

Regarding the postponed performances in Minneapolis, Columbus, and Camden, Burna is yet to responded. The fact that Burna Boy decided to name his tour “I Told Them” highlights the incredible accomplishments he has made in his career, including the record’s five debuts on worldwide album charts.

He’s also touring to push the new record as it’s receiving massive love all over the world and attracting more “outsiders.” The unflinching devotion of Burna Boy, his fans and his enduring passion to his craft continue to give his prominence and music the needed boost to flourish on a global scale.

His outstanding commercial success, which has reached even greater heights came after he gained worldwide recognition with his hit song “YE” in 2018. A song that has received historic certifications. The following year, he dropped, “African Giant,” an album that would change his career forever.

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