Cardi B And Sister, Hennessy Carolina, Win In Their Defamation Lawsuit

Cardi B has bagged yet another legal win!

The female emcee and her sister and reality star, Hennessy Carolina, have just come out victorious in a defamation case thrown at them by three people who got into a scuffle of some sort with Carolina back in September 2020. in The Hamptons, according to reports from TMZ.

From the lawsuit filed in Suffolk County at the time obtained by Billboard, the three plaintiffs accused Carolina and her friends for parking and blocking one of their vehicles. At the scene, when Carolina’s girlfriend, who was also behind the wheels, was approached by the plaintiff wearing a MAGA hat approached,  Carolina was quick to start filming the altercation, allegedly “shouting foul and threatening language and defamatory statements.”

The three plaintiffs claimed the “Love & Hip Hop” alum had accused them of being “racist MAGA supporters,” particularly taking it personally for being labeled racists on-camera.

However,a New York trial judge, as thrown out the defamation, assault and battery case, stating that the insults Carolina used were too general, and wouldn’t even stand a chance of rising to the level of defamation.

The new win comes just two months after Cardi had won her own defamation suit against gossip blogger, Tasha K, ending up being awarded $1.25M I’m damages by a Georgia jury after two weeks of deliberation.

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