Actor Chidi Mokeme Details Why He Went On An Acting Break

In a recent interview, Chidi Mokeme explained why he was absent from acting. The veteran Nollywood actor revealed that he was recently diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a rare ailment that causes sudden muscle weakness on one side of the face. He made this announcement when appearing on Channels Television’s “Rubbin Minds” over the weekend. The actor said the illness attacked just before he could attend the British Film Festival that was held right after the release of “76,” in which he co-starred with Ramsey Nouah.

He said he had just concluded the promotional tour for the film mentioned above and attended the Toronto Film Festival before coming down with the ailment. Surprisingly, even to him, he said he had heard about the condition for the first time after his diagnosis. Mokeme tried to continue working after receiving his diagnosis, doggedly attending the “76” Lagos premiere until it became evident that he needed to take a break.

He said he then had to focus on other business of his, which he chose not to disclose. However, later in the interview, he educated the public on Bell’s Palsy.

According to him, “Bell’s Palsy comes like a stroke, and it’s something that affects one side of your face and sort of gives you a droop. It was something that the doctors felt was incurable because they didn’t know what causes it, and they didn’t know how to treat it. So, as an actor, if you come down with something that affects your face, you can imagine what I must have been going through that time.”

In the recently released Nigerian series “Shanty Town,” Mokeme makes a comeback as the male lead, Scar. The six-part series, which Xavier Ighorodje and Chichi Nworah created, tells the tale of three hustlers from Lagos who band up to fight the state’s most outstanding and brutal criminal organization.

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