Ice Spice’s “Munch” Gets A Verse From Cardi B, Although She Declines To Do An Official Remix

After posting a line she recorded on Ice Spice’s smash single, “Munch,” and teasing an official remix, Cardi B got her fans pumped. Ice Spice has received Cardi B’s greatest endorsement to yet as the rapper shared an unofficial remix of her smash track “Munch.”

Since releasing “Munch (Feelin’ U),” the Bronx rapper has been the talk of the internet. The catchphrase-worthy chorus, “You thought I was feelin’ you? That n**** a munch” is widely used on social media. Cardi B herself gave Ice Spice some love by lip-syncing to the song last month while returning from court.

By posting a remix of “Munch” on Instagram on Sunday, Cardi B demonstrated how much she adores the song. Fans urged her to officially partner with Ice Spice when she posted a video with a verse she had recorded.

“B***** IS DEAD TO ME THEN, AND THEY DEAD TO ME STILL!!!,” Cardi said in the caption, with reference to her lyrics.

Cardi B, however, put an end to any rumors that she might be on the remix immediately after uploading the verse. “I’m not putting that song out by the way …You know I don’t tease,” she tweeted. Cardi said, “I like it don’t love it…just having fun,” in response to a fan who questioned why not.

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