Cardi B, Justin Bieber, other artsists condemn Buffalo Mass Shooting

American rapper Cardi B has become the latest music artist to condemn the buffalo mass shooting which claimed at least 10 lives, leaving at least 3 people injured, and many more traumatized and scarred for life 

Cardi joins AJ & Aly in condemning the dastardly act committed in the buffalo area of New York City on Saturday, May 14.  Reacting to the news via her Twitter account, Cardi B described mass shooters as mentally unstable people with an evil mentality. In their own reaction, sister acts, AJ and Aly condemned the mass shooting, particularly aiming at the rhetoric that has since been identified as one of the shooter’s motives. The sister duo described the idea of replacement theory as simply evil rhetoric which should have no place in a peaceful society.  The sister act condemned the hate crime perpetrated on peace-loving members of the black American community while expressing that they have the people of Buffalo in their thoughts.

Cardi B and AJ & Aly follow in the footsteps of Canadian superstar Justin Bieber who last weekend condemned the Buffalo shooting while on a tour in the tragedy-stricken community of Buffalo. Ahead of his performance, Bieber posted a video on Instagram where he was seen speaking with his crew member. In the video captioned, “WE STAND WITH YOU BUFFALO AND STAND AGAINST THIS RACIST ACT OF TERROR,” Bieber simply described the mass shooting as “pretty horrible stuff”. On stage, Bieber addressed the people again, while describing racism and racially motivated attacks as evil and diabolical.

An 18-year old man has since been identified and arrested as the prime suspect in the shooting. The suspect who posted a 180-page document on replacement theory among others on the internet was said to have driven over 320km to carry out the attack believed to be targeted at black Americans.

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