“Demons” by Doja Cat: Embracing Controversy with Confidence

A Deep Dive into Doja's Defiant Response to Critics



Doja Cat’s “Demons” is a bold and audacious track that sees the artist confronting her critics head-on. With a blend of haunting melodies and assertive lyrics, Doja Cat crafts a narrative that reflects her personal experiences and a broader commentary on the challenges artists face in the public eye.

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Doja Cat. Photo: Taylor Hill/Filmmagic. Photo: Taylor Hill/Filmmagic

Lyrical Insight:

The lyrics of “Demons” are a direct response to those who have labeled Doja Cat as “demonic” or accused her of selling her soul for fame. Lines like “How my demons look (How your demons)/ Now that my pocket’s full?” highlight the artist’s success and her refusal to be defined by detractors. The song’s chorus is particularly impactful, with Doja Cat questioning how her critics view her now that she has achieved significant success.

Throughout the song, Doja Cat addresses various criticisms, from accusations of being a puppet to insinuations about her musical evolution. The line “I’m a puppet, I’m a sheep, I’m a cash cow” could be a nod to her viral hit “Mooo!”, while “Lots of people that were sleeping say I rap now” acknowledges her move towards more hip-hop-oriented tracks.

Musical Elements:

Produced by ​d.a. got that dope, “Demons” boasts a dark and atmospheric sound that complements its theme. The track’s spooky undertones are juxtaposed with a powerful beat, creating a soundscape that is both eerie and energetic.


While “Demons” is a strong track that showcases Doja Cat’s lyrical prowess, it does run the risk of being too niche. The song’s focus on addressing specific criticisms might alienate listeners who are unfamiliar with the controversies surrounding the artist. Additionally, the track could benefit from more varied instrumentation to break the monotony of its repetitive beat.

Visual Interpretation:

The horror-themed music video for “Demons” is a cinematic experience. Starring Christina Ricci, the video portrays a suburban home haunted by a demonic Doja Cat. The visuals are both terrifying and captivating, with Doja Cat’s menacing presence serving as a metaphor for the song’s theme of confronting one’s critics.

Final Thoughts:

“Demons” by Doja Cat is a testament to the artist’s resilience and her ability to use music as a platform to address personal and professional challenges. The track is a powerful reminder that artists, like all individuals, have the right to define themselves on their own terms, regardless of public opinion.

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