Chike Erupts With On Fire (Pana Time) – Listen

It is not all the time that you find an artist on fire. So when you do, you’re most likely to pay attention. We might say this is that very moment, as musician Chike erupts with a new number dubbed “On Fire (Pana Time),” which you can stream here and now.

This number, which is part of the recently released flick “Gangs of Lagos,” Bears fierce street energy that is hard to miss. It draws you into its orbit and keeps you there. The good part is that it is a place you’re likely to want to stay in and for a long time, too.

Also, you’re most likely to want to watch the movie after listening to Chike’s soul-warming number. The film has elicited great criticisms from a section of Nigerians who were outraged by the political choices of the people involved in the production of the film.

That takes nothing from the song, of course. So, you might repudiate the flick given its origins, but it is doubtful you would overlook Chike’s offering as well.

You may as well tap the play button right away and see why Chike is a musician worth having on a playlist. Let’s roll!

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