DJ Cuppy Talks New Music Plans, And Fans React

Reactions erupt after millionaire heiress, musician, and Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy, declares that she owes Nigerians music. She made the announcement on July 22nd via her official Twitter feed. The socialite, who hasn’t released a song in almost two years, informed her admirers that she owes them some new music.

This comes just a week after Cuppy and her boxer lover unfollowed each other on Instagram. They’ve been engaged since November of last year, and they’ve been sharing images of one other on social media on a regular basis. However, DJ Cuppy is no longer shown as a follower on Taylor’s account.

DJ Cuppy and Taylor have not commented on the unfollowing, so it is unknown what it signifies for their relationship. However, the move has fueled speculation that they may have split up. DJ Cuppy’s relationship has been the subject of breakup rumors on multiple occasions.

She and Taylor were briefly separated in 2021 when Taylor was accused of cheating. They did, however, reconcile afterwards. It’s unclear whether DJ Cuppy and Taylor are still together. The unfollowing on Instagram, on the other hand, has certainly raised some eyebrows.

All of this also comes after Ryan posted a cryptic remark regarding their relationship on social media.

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