Akon Declares Nigerians The Smartest People On The Planet

The iconic American singer, Akon, recently spoke with the popular music podcast “Drinking Champs” about his early life in America, getting into vehicle thieving, and becoming a music celebrity. During the interview, Akon discussed Africa, and he referred to Nigerians as the smartest people in the continent.

Nigeria, according to Akon, is akin to New York City, and Nigerians are the most intelligent people on the earth. The musician also made the point that, despite the fact that some bad apples are abusing their intelligence, Nigerians as a whole are still extremely intelligent. Akon went on to say that his favorite dish is jollof rice and explained the differences between jollof rice from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and Liberia.

Akon acknowledged his role in bringing Afrobeats to other countries, saying he first met musicians from Nigeria in Lagos in 2007. Akon is a renowned Popstar whose music shaped the early 2000s American R&B and Hip Hop scene, and who also helped Afrobeats gain international traction through collaborations with Nigerian artists.

Akon and Nigerian megastar dup P-Square are well known for their 2012 remix of the popular song “Chop My Money.” He also worked with Wizkid at the time, who he had also signed to his Konvict Music label.

Watch the full interview below:

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