Doechii And JT Team Up For The Highly-Anticipated Forthcoming Track, “Alter Ego”

The self-proclaimed Swamp Princess, American rapper, Doechii is all set to launch a new chapter in music history with her next project with fellow femcee, JT. The much awaited single, “Alter Ego,” will be released on March 29. This will be a major turning point in Doechii’s career.

The hip-hop community has been ecstatic since “Alter Ego” was announced, and fans are looking forward to Doechii’s unique style and JT’s evident talent coming together. The pair’s collaboration seems like a game-changer because it defies conventional classification by fusing parts of house and hip-hop music.

Additionally, a new teaser released by Doechii includes behind-the-scenes video that provides an insight into the creative process of “Alter Ego.” Using an Instagram photo of herself clutching a shotgun, the raptress announced her news. It’s clear that “Alter Ego” is more than just a song; it’s a daring statement of artistic development.

The mystery surrounding “Alter Ego”‘s release is further enhanced by Doechii’s claim that she “accidentally created [her] own genre.” She describes the sound as “editorial rap,” imagining a combination that goes beyond traditional hip-hop.

Moreover, TDE labelmate SZA chimed in and was so excited that she had trouble controlling her exuberance. It’s evidence of her will to defy expectations and make a name for herself. Doechii’s choice to work with JT is even more evidence of his dedication to pushing the boundaries.

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