Drake & Jack Harlow Are Living It Up In Turks & Caicos

All things are bright and beautiful in Turks & Caicos, particularly now that Drake and Jack Harlow are chilling together on an island vacay. The superstars sure know their way around travelling in style, as they’re furnished with all the luxury attached to being global superstars and brands. The pair also did not hesitate to share a couple of stunning pics and clips of all the fun they were enjoying.

Fans really love that the two rappers cared to let them in on their private moments which included them poking good-natured fun at one another. Harlow posted a clip in which he stood too close to the 6 god, while he got busy on his phone. Drizzy, on the other hand, looked rather oblivious, and later came to explain the situation in Harlow’s comment section.

After leaving lots of crying-laughing emojis, the Toronto icon wrote, “I swear I didn’t know what was going on I was googling wtf a weng weng drink was.” Drake, seemingly excited about his newfound bromance with Harlow, also shared a video of him filming the “What’s Poppin'” rapper and saying, “Shorty don’t try to hit my phone now ’cause you see I’m chillin’ with Jack.”

They were also seen in some videos and pictures hanging with some gorgeous, black women and just really having the time of their vacation lives.

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