Lil Uzi Vert Defends Jack Harlow’s Success Amidst White Privilege Claims

American rapper Lil Uzi Vert has expressed his bewilderment at the hate Jack Harlow is getting on social media following the success of his latest album. Uzi is responding to white spread sentiments on social media that the recent success of the fast-rising pop icon is down to his skin colour.

Jack Harlow has received rave reviews and became an instant hit following the release of his latest album, Come Home The Kids Miss You. Although the album has received its share of criticisms, it has remained majorly a success across the music world, with many of its singles still leading charts and being requested by music platforms. The success has attracted criticism from people who have put the album’s success down to Jack Harlow being white. Lil Uzi vert has leapt to the defence of his friend and colleague.

Speaking with TMZ at a recent event, Lil Uzi said that Jack Harlow doesn’t deserve the hate he’s getting while describing the Louisville artist as “very good.” Responding to whether the actor’s skin tone has played a role in his success, Lil Uzi denied that Jack Harlow had enjoyed the white privilege, merely explaining that that could not be the case given that Jack is signed to a black-owned label, Generation Now. Not like the rapper would know anyways.

The duo of Lil Uzi and Jack Harlow have not always been on good terms, especially after Jack got signed to Generation Now. Lil Uzi once referred to Jack as a clown, but it now appears they have patched things up.

Check out Lil Uzi’s interview below:

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