Drake Loses $850K Wager On The Paul Logan Match Despite Picking Correct Winner

The “Drake curse” may still be a thing, as the Hip-hop star has lost around $1 million after placing a wager on the Logan Paul bout. According to The Mirror, on Saturday, October 14, in Manchester, social media star Paul finally defeated his opponent, Dillon Danis. But the victory came from a disqualification because Danis attempted to strangle Paul during the fight.

Drake Loses $850K Wager On The Paul Logan Match Despite Picking Correct Winner, Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024

Therefore, even though the “For All the Dogs” singer wagered (via the online casino Stake) that Paul would prevail, he did so with the prediction that the fighter would win via knockout rather than disqualification. The $850,000 wager was thus a loss. However, Drake would have received $1.3 million if he had won the wager. According to GrandPrix, Drake has already made wagers on the Stake platform, of which he owns a portion. It was discovered in February last year that the Scorpion rapper has wagered about $1 billion in virtual currency since 2021, all of which were placed on the Stake platform. He put a $500,000 wager on Israel Adesanya to defeat Sean Strickland in their UFC 293 match last month.

The Superstar is accustomed to making large bets on athletic events -and this won’t be his last. Additionally, he made a sizable wager on a bout between Logan’s brother, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, and former UFC contender Nate Diaz. The 6 God reportedly wagered $250,000 in favour of Diaz before the 10-round cruiserweight match, according to TMZ. The rapper backed Jake Paul in his bout with Tommy Fury earlier this year, but Paul lost badly (by $400k) when he didn’t deliver.

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