Ed Sheeran’s Mysterious Autumn: A New Album on the Horizon?

Fans Decode the Clues Behind Sheeran's "Autumn Is Coming" Teasers

For weeks, Ed Sheeran has been intriguing fans with a cryptic campaign, repeatedly teasing “Autumn Is Coming” across his social media platforms. Fans are now convinced that this phrase is a harbinger of a new album, potentially titled “Autumn” or “Autumn Variations,” set to be released on September 29.

According to fans who attended Sheeran’s show on August 12, the singer shared that his album “Subtract,” which was released in May, marked the last album under his current contract. He reportedly plans to release his next album under his own label. Sheeran is said to have informed the crowd that there wasn’t sufficient time to create a single or a video for this upcoming album, which he described as a perfect compilation for the autumn season.

Adding to the anticipation, during Sheeran’s theater show in Minneapolis on August 11, he is reported to have performed three unreleased songs, which are believed to be from this yet-to-be-announced album. He requested fans not to record these performances. lists three unreleased songs under the heading “Autumn” in the setlist for that show.

Another layer to the mystery is the potential clues Sheeran has been leaving through his wardrobe choices during concerts. At his August 5 show in Kansas City, Missouri, he wore a jersey that read “Autumn” and the number nine. On August 12, he wore a jersey that read “Variations” and the number 29. Fans have connected these clues to deduce a September 29 release date, which aligns with the typical Friday release schedule for new albums.

While official confirmation from Sheeran or his representatives remains pending, the excitement and speculation among fans continue to grow, as they eagerly await what could be a significant new chapter in Sheeran’s illustrious career.

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