Ed Sheeran’s Unique Approach: Surprise Pop-Up Gigs for ‘Autumn Variations’ Album

Recording Live in Fans' Homes

Ed Sheeran, the globally renowned singer-songwriter, has taken an unconventional route for his upcoming album, “Autumn Variations.” Instead of the usual studio recordings, Sheeran decided to surprise his fans by performing and recording live versions of his songs in their living rooms. This innovative approach has not only brought him closer to his fans but has also added a personal touch to each track of the album.

Sheeran’s revelation about this unique recording method was shared on his social media channels. He confirmed that each song from “Autumn Variations” was performed in a different fan’s living room, and every visit was a “total surprise” for the fans. One such instance was shared on his Instagram, where he performed one of his older tracks, “Wake Me Up,” from his 2011 album ‘+’, in a fan’s home. The video showcased Sheeran sitting by a piano in the fan’s room, delivering a heartfelt rendition of the song.

The singer’s decision to record in fans’ homes was not just a spur-of-the-moment idea. Earlier this month, Sheeran had teased about these surprise visits on his TikTok page, hinting at “something special” coming soon. He even made a playful comment about the cats he encountered during these visits, stating, “Ps your cats were cool.”

The inspiration behind “Autumn Variations” is intriguing. The album, set to release on September 29 via Gingerbread Man Records, draws its muse from “Enigma Variations,” a 19th-century orchestral work by composer Edward Elgar. This composition consisted of 14 pieces, each reflecting a different individual in Elgar’s life. Sheeran’s adaptation of this concept aims to encapsulate conversations and revelations from his interactions with friends.

Produced by Aaron Dessner, “Autumn Variations” promises to capture the essence of the fall season. Sheeran expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating that Dessner has beautifully captured the feeling of autumn in the album’s sonics. This album follows Sheeran’s sixth studio LP, “Subtract,” which was released earlier in May.

In related news, Sheeran recently surprised two fans in Las Vegas with an unexpected appearance at their wedding, performing a track titled “Magical” from the upcoming album.

This innovative approach to recording, combined with the personal touch of performing in fans’ homes, is set to make “Autumn Variations” a standout album in Sheeran’s illustrious career.

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