Fans Are Divided Over A Video Of Kids Singing A Kanye West Song At Donda Academy

Social media users have been debating a video Kanye West uploaded of what seemed to be students at his school, Donda Academy, singing one of his songs. The singer and fashion designer, who is now known as Ye legally, shared a video on TikTok late on Sunday night of children of all ages singing an altered version of his 2007 song “Good Morning” in front of a choir director.

Before another portion of the choir began singing the recognizable tune from West’s song, the youngsters were seen constantly shouting “Good morning, Donda” in the video, which can be seen at the top of this post. West, 45, could be seen filming the activity on his smartphone throughout the clip while donning a black outfit that included a sweatshirt and sturdy boots.

Donda Academy, a Christian preparatory private school with its headquarters in Simi Valley, California, and named after Professor Donda West, West’s late mother, claims on its website that its goal is to “prepare students to become the next generation of leaders.”

In their comments on the video, some of West’s TikTok fans seemed to agree with this concept, with one writing: “Creating the future billionaires.”

“You all know Kanye is setting these kids up for success,” wrote another. “I just know their curriculum is A1. Mrs. Donda was a great teacher!”

Social media users, however, also expressed disapproval, with one writing, “It’s giving Stranger Things’ Papa,” in reference to a character in the popular Netflix series who subjected a number of kids to tests.

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