Grammy Awards 2024: Ayra Starr Confirms Project Submission For Nomination Consideration

In order to be considered for a potential Grammy Awards 2024 nomination, Ayra Starr and her team have submitted a project, which she has confirmed. Ayra Starr, the Award-winning singer and performer, revealed on social media that she submitted a project to be considered for a potential Grammy Awards.

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, the singer posted a tweet on her social media account, thanking her team and her followers for their support. She also declared that her smash song “Rush,” which is featured on the deluxe edition of her debut album 19 & Dangerous, has been submitted to the Recording Academy for considerations at the 66th Grammy Awards in 2024 in categories she hasn’t revealed yet. It has been verified that Rema has also submitted a project for consideration for a Grammy Award. Therefore, Ayra is not the only Mavin Records star to do so.

Her post on social media platform X, read,

 “I am excited and honoured that my song “Rush” off my debut album 19&Dangerious deluxe is being considered for this year’s #GRAMMY Awards! I am super grateful to the creatives we worked on this together @andrevibez @unusual_mbryo @johnnydrille and @prodhoopsBig thanks to the entire @mavinrecords team, @weareplatoon, @donjazzy, @tegamavin, and @rimouuune who all made very significant contributions. To my family, friends, and Mobstarrs, you all rock!”

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