ITZY’s “Mr. Vampire” Music Video Is All Shades Of Love

The South Korean K-pop girl group ITZY has recently dropped their latest music video for their new song, ‘Mr. Vampire’. The music video is a visual feast, highlighting the group’s dynamic moves and impeccable synchronization. At the same time, they sing about falling in love with a man with “white and pretty teeth.”

‘Mr. Vampire’ is the second pre-release group single from ITZY’s upcoming second studio album, ‘Born to Be’. In December, the group unveiled a music video for their first pre-release single, ‘Born to Be’. In addition, each of the four active members of ITZY has also released solo tracks with their music videos. Yeji’s ‘Crown on My Head’, Ryujin’s ‘Run Away’, Chaeryeong’s ‘Mine’, and Yuna’s ‘Yet, But’ showcase each member’s unique style and personality. Fans of ITZY are eagerly waiting for the release of their second studio album, ‘Born to Be’, which will drop on January 8 at 6 pm KST. The album will feature the title track, ‘Untouchable’, and a music video. Unfortunately, the album will be the first without member Lia, who has been on a hiatus since September 2023 due to “extreme levels of anxiety.”. However, Lia will still be part of the album through her solo song ‘Blossom, ‘ initially released in November 2023.

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