Ja Rule Explains His Relationship With 50 Cent

More than 20 years have passed since Ja Rule and 50 Cent started fighting. The rappers have engaged in a number of different forms of verbal violence. Diss tracks were occasionally released. Sometimes they simply stabbed each other. Despite their violent past, the feud has undoubtedly provided a lot of entertainment for those who have followed it. The pair’s once-violent feud seems to have lost some of its seriousness in recent years.

Ja Rule now seems to be finished with it. Ja Rule recently opened up about his feelings for 50 Cent in a new interview with The Shade Room. As he talks about his former archenemy while being interviewed, the rapper appears calm and collected. The ongoing conflict between 50 Cent and Ja Rule is legendary. It has lasted for more than 20 years and has been marked by violence, insults, and trolling.

It all started with a Ja Rule-related robbery in which 50 Cent’s friend stole the rapper’s chain. Diss tracks were traded and fights occurred in clubs as a result. It appeared there might be peace when the two ended up sitting next to one another on a plane years later. However, the dispute flared up again in 2018 after 50 Cent pulled a practical joke by purchasing tickets for Ja Rule’s concert and leaving empty seats.

Despite the fact that the feud has recently become more jocular and primarily consists of trolling and social media banter, it has a long history of hostility and rivalry. Watch the snippet below to hear from the horse’s mouth.

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