Jason Derulo Withdraws From His SeaWorld Gig And Receives Presents From PETA

Animal rights group PETA has given gifts to American singer Jason Derulo after he said he was canceling his SeaWorld concert.

On April 21, the singer was scheduled to play at the theme park; however, it appears that PETA forced her to cancel. In a news release, PETA stated that over 40 orcas have perished in SeaWorld’s aquariums, many of them prematurely, and that the park forces sexual abuse of dolphins and whales by forcing them to become pregnant.

According to reports, PETA sent Derulo “a stuffed toy dolphin for his son, dolphin-shaped vegan fruit snacks, and a “SeaWorld Sucks” T-shirt” after learning of his cancellation. Chris Young, a renowned country music artist, will take Derulo’s spot at the show.

In a recent harassment lawsuit, Derulo was accused of expecting sex from a musician he signed to a record deal. In October of last year, singer Emaza Gibson filed a lawsuit against Jason Derulo, alleging, among other things, quid pro quo sexual harassment, contract breach, and intimidation and assault in violation of the Ralph Civil Rights Act.

Through his representative, Derulo responded to the accusations, stating that they are cruel and wholly untrue. In other news, Derulo is about to go on his first tour through the UK and Ireland in five years.

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