Joeboy Lauds Wizkid For Inspiring Young Artists To Believe They Can Make It

There is a talented pool of young and emerging artists in the Nigerian music scene who are garnering attention from music enthusiasts. It’s not unusual for these musicians to rise to fame early in their careers, especially if they have a beloved sound. However, this wasn’t always the case. In the past, artists had to wait until the later stages of their careers to achieve success.

Joeboy Lauds Wizkid For Inspiring Young Artists To Believe They Can Make It, Yours Truly, News, June 13, 2024

During a recent episode of the Body & Soul podcast, Nigerian Afrobeats and R&B musician Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa, known professionally as Joeboy, shared how Wizkid has given young artists hope for early career success. According to the “Baby Crooner,” Wizkid has significantly impacted his life.

Before Wizkid’s emergence into the spotlight, Mr. Eazi’s Empawa Africa artist Joeboy stated that it was challenging for new artists to “blow” early. But after first meeting the songwriter of the famous song “Essence,” Joeboy said he knew he would be a successful musician. He remembered the day when Wizkid called him over and conversed with him.

During his conversation with Odumodublvck, Joeboy mentioned that Wizkid rose to fame at 20 in 2010. Before that time, Nigerian artists who gained fame were generally older. In agreement with Joeboy, Odumodublvck acknowledged Wizkid’s influence on young artists and described him as a powerful force in the industry.

He said;

“One thing I really appreciate about Wizkid is that he made young artists believe that they could pop at a young age. Before Wiz, if any artiste pop, it was probably at a very later stage in life. But after Wiz, young people started coming through.”

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