Kanye West Describes Cardi B As An “Illuminati Plant” In A Recently Leaked Clip

In a 2018 documentary tape that emerged on Sunday, Kanye West claimed that Cardi B was a plant, specifically “a plant by the Illuminati,” sparking a response from the WAP rapper. The 30-year-old Bodak Yellow artist’s career, according to the 46-year-old Chicago native, has been entirely sponsored and orchestrated by a larger entity and not the outcome of an organic ascent to prominence.

In the video, West claimed that Cardi B was an Illuminati “plant,” and that music industry executive Corey Gamble, who is also Kris Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, is a CIA operative. Cardi B, according to West, does not “write her raps” and is “just there to sound as naive as possible before making songs like, “F*** them and get some money.”

West, who has mainly remained out of the spotlight since making a string of anti-Semitic remarks late last year, stated that Cardi B “literally replaced Nicki Minaj” and was “purposefully” positioned at the level of popularity she has attained. Cardi B is oblivious of the behind-the-scenes attempts by higher powers to secure her success, according to West.

Cardi B responded to West with his own words, tweeting and then deleting a 2022 footage of West praising her and her abilities in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee.

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