Kanye West Includes Lagos As One Of His Tour Stops For 2024

In 2024, Nigerians may be treated to a Kanye West performance.

24-time Grammy winner Kanye West and TY Dolla $ign will collaborate on a new album, “Vultures,” which is scheduled for release in 2024. Kanye West has shared a potential tour itinerary on his Instagram account, with the first of his three-part new album scheduled for release in the upcoming weeks, on February 9.

The post featured a shortlist of cities from around the globe, with the only African towns being Cairo, Egypt; Nairobi, Kenya; and Lagos, Nigeria.

Kanye West Includes Lagos As One Of His Tour Stops For 2024, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024

Fans anxious to witness one of the most celebrated and best-selling rappers of all time perform in the Afrobeats capital are thrilled about the prospect of Kanye West visiting Lagos. In the event that Kanye West visits Lagos on his 2024 tour, it will mark his second performance there. At the 2007 Mega Star Jam, Kanye West was one of the international performers scheduled to perform.

Kanye West has previously engaged with Nigerian music as well. Before D’Banj’s appearance on the ‘Scape Goat’ remix, he is well-known for having signed him to his label GOOD Music in 2011. In addition, Wizkid’s “Essence” was hailed as the greatest song in music history by Kanye West back in 2021, when he posted the track on his Instagram page.

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