Lil Duval Shares Funny Highschool Wrestling Experience

Lil Duval is tripping down memory lane and he’s interested in bringing us along.

Lil Duval has been quite the busy man, starring in films and joggling it with his stand-up comedy career. And one thing about comedians is their ability to be vocal about literally anything. Heck, some of them, if not all, make fun of themselves and their lives and some of their experiences.

In same manner, Duval took to his Twitter page to briefly rehash a funny experience that had happened way back in 1994. The comic revealed to his fans and followers that he used to indulge in wrestling back in his highschool days. He was so good that he made it to the state level in a competition in which he represented his school.

You’re proud of him too, right? Exactly there where your pride starts the story takes an unexpected turn. Duval says that at that state level of the competition, he was faced with a white kid with the weight of 97 freaking pounds! Just taking in the sight of such a person from the POV of a person with a smaller stature is enough to demoralize.

Of course, the white kid ended up whooping his ass properly, bringing him to his end in the competition.

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