Mdundo Broadens Its Services With An Hausa Platform Addition

This week, the African music provider Mdundo announced the opening of, a website dedicated to hosting DJ mixes, podcasts, playlists, and songs only available in Hausa.

Under the direction of Martin Møller Nielsen, Mdundo emphasizes inclusivity in music access across Africa and has a repertoire with almost 500 000 African releases.

The company claims that this move is consistent with its mission to offer a locally tailored music service across the continent. With an estimated 74 million members, the Hausa tribe is the biggest in Africa. Its main base is in Nigeria and its surrounding nations.

“Hausa music has played a big role in’s growth in Nigeria,” Nielsen stated, emphasizing the appeal of vernacular music to listeners worldwide—Africa is home to over three thousand languages—and the popularity of vernacular music inside the continent.

Nielsen went on to say that Hausa music’s broad appeal on the service contributed to Mdundo’s success in Nigeria.  A 2023 GSMA analysis projects that sub-Saharan Africa would have 615 million mobile service subscribers by 2025, up from the roughly 500 million users that were counted in 2020.

Along with Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa, Mdundo focuses on five important African markets, including Nigeria, which has a population of 422 million people, or around 35% of sub-Saharan Africa. These markets supplied 15 million of the 26.6 million monthly active users on Mdundo as of June 2023.

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