Megan Thee Stallion Shares On Interesting Inspirations For Her New Album On Mag Interview

Megan Thee Stallion recently collaborated with Women’s Health magazine for a cover story that included a stunning photo shoot and an in-depth interview. The photos from the shoot quickly went viral as the rapper posed confidently and unapologetically naked, showcasing her curves and natural beauty. However, the interview caught the attention of fans and music enthusiasts, as Megan opened up about a range of topics, including her infamous shooting incident with fellow rapper Tory Lanez.

During the interview, Megan revealed some details about her upcoming album, which has left fans eagerly waiting for its release. She explained how the motivation behind her new music came from her personal experiences and struggles over the past year, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and overcoming challenges. She also talked about her creative process and how she has been working on new music during the pandemic, finding inspiration in the world around her and her emotions.

“I was inspired to create this album about rebirth because I feel I am becoming a new person physically and mentally. I’m getting into a better space with making music that is still true to myself but also true to my message. I am very much a flower, but my flower has thorns,”
The Women’s Health cover story provided an intimate and insightful look into Megan’s life as an artist and a powerful message about body positivity, self-confidence, and resilience. Megan’s upcoming album is expected to reflect her bold and confident personality, which she showcases through her music. The first two singles released from her album testify to her strong will and determination to overcome challenges. In “Cobra,” she expresses her feelings towards her ex and her detractors and demonstrates a heavier instrumental style. Megan took things up a notch and collaborated with metal band Spiritbox to create an even more powerful rock version of the song. Her latest single, “HISS,” is a testament to her resilience, as she addresses anyone who has ever tried to bring her down. Megan’s music inspires her fans, who admire her ability to stay true to herself and stand up against adversity.

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