Moment Davido Fans Halt Their Dance Moves During While A Wizkid Song Is Playing

It seems the unending rivalry between Wiz and OBO fans isn’t coming to an end soon, as opposed to the current moves by both stars to, in some way, unite their fanbase and reduce the bad blood.

In an event recently posted on IG, a video shows the moment Wizkid’s famous song “Wiz Party,” by the Afrobeats Powerhouse, was “rejected” at a party. The footage shows the crowd stopped dancing and returning to their seats as Wizkid’s song begins to play.

The MC and hype guy was shocked that everyone abruptly stopped dancing and made an effort to maintain the momentum. However, the Wizkid song, despite their best efforts, was unable to hold the audience’s attention. Thus the Disc Jockey switched to Kizz Daniel’s ‘One Ticket’ featuring Davido.

Most of the audience members got up from their seats and started dancing again as soon as the Davido-featuring song started.

The incident raises concerns about the Afrobeats music scene’s present trends. Wizkid has been a significant player in the Afrobeats scene for many years thanks to his numerous top-charting singles and partnerships with some of the greatest names in the music business.

However, it seems his music isn’t as well received by the demographics in attendance, who are mostly “Gen Z” and didn’t witness Wiz’s rise and dominance back in the day.

From the video, one can deduce that the attendees were playing a game where they danced to songs that tickled their fancy or sat when the music on the play wasn’t moving them.

Well, Not everyone will like every piece of music. That’s a given fact, but this in no way should serve as disrespect to the Entertainers who have enjoyed some longevity in the industry.

Indeed, Wizkid has paid his dues to the game, and so has Davido. The living legends have helped advance the frontiers of Afrobeats internationally. But, sadly, they often get disrespected by sections that may not even appreciate the struggles and times that the duo has worked to make it as big as they have now.

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