New Twist In Autograph Dealer Assault Lawsuit As Kanye West Claims Self-Defense

Court documents allegedly obtained by Radar Online show that Kanye West is attempting to have the assault lawsuit against him dismissed. The action comes from an alleged autograph dealer who desired his signature. Kanye West is claiming self-defence in this case and denies any wrongdoing. If you’re not aware, Justin Poplawski filed a lawsuit against Ye in January in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming to be a well-known autograph dealer who had previously obtained his signature without any problems. Poplawski also accused Ye of abuse and assault. According to the account, on January 13, 2022, Poplawski travelled to downtown Los Angeles’ Soho Warehouse after learning that the Chicago artist was present.

Additionally, citing his split from Kim Kardashian, the lawsuit claims that Kanye West yelled at the purported autograph vendor as he left the building. The 46-year-old allegedly hit the complainant in the face after that. He is said to have said, “Apology for what?” in response to Paplowski’s claimed apology request. When Paplowski’s colleague tried to calm the rapper down, he allegedly struck him multiple more times, injuring him.

“Go the f**k [out of] here before I beat you the f**k up. I’m going to make an f***ing example out of you,”

“So do you want to get attacked for real?”

The lawsuit demands unspecified damages for medical expenses and mental strain. The accused, who goes by the name “CARNIVAL,” requests that the court dismiss the case, award him attorney fees, and deny any damages to the plaintiff, Paplowski. It is important to note that several other lawsuits related to sample clearance issues and other matters are still pending. As per reports, the response filed by the accused also includes a statement.

“Defendant is informed and believes, and based on such information and belief, alleges that Defendant was justified in doing any and/or all of the acts alleged in the Complaint,” “All of the purported causes of action in the Complaint [become null] to the extent [Kanye West] acted in defense of himself and/or others. [West] acted reasonably and in good faith at all times material herein, based on all relevant facts and circumstances known to [West] at the time [West] so acted.”

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