Nicki Minaj And Husband Slammed With A Lawsuit For An Alleged Backstage Assault

For some reason, Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj’s spouse, seems to be in problems all the time. This time, though, Nicki made the controversy cut. For an alleged assault that occurred backstage at a performance in 2019, the two were sued jointly. At one point in the German setting of the show, a fan succeeded in getting past the security guard.

Though he was fortunately stopped before he could reach Minaj, it was still obvious that the episode upset her. Her lawsuit alleges that he confronted her backstage following the performance as she was scolding a female security guard over the hack. Later on, according to the individual bringing the lawsuit, he was taken to a separate room where Nicki was assigned backstage.

According to his lawsuit, Minaj insulted him after he arrived. However, the pivotal point in the lawsuit was purportedly when Petty struck him in the face. He can’t be certain if the alleged attack was made with a weapon or a fist because it caught him off guard. When Minaj didn’t reply to his initial case, the man attempted to get a default judgment, but the judge rejected it.

He is now permitted to request a judgment once more, and this time he will provide supporting documentation in the form of a set of medical notes and a jaw x-ray.

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