Nollywood’s Hanks Anuku Shows Off His Adorable Family On Instagram

Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has posted a cute family portrait to Instagram. The actor gained some notoriety recently after he was seen in a video at an Asaba gas station, raising questions about his well-being. A few days later, he stepped out to plead with Nigerians for financial assistance. Fans are indeed concerned about Hanks Anuku because it’s clear that he’s having health issues or facing some challenges and needs help. On his Instagram feed, Anuku recently posted a rare family portrait of himself with his wife and son. In the post, he thanked his daughter for her support and thanked his son for helping him get through a difficult time. The star even encouraged his followers to like and follow his son’s Instagram posts.

Diverse views were expressed in the post’s comment area. Some people expressed affection and concern, while others expressed skepticism about the photo’s veracity and concerns about Anuku’s wellbeing. There were also remarks calling for greater openness from the actor’s family and speculating that the actor’s social media accounts might not be truthful about his actual health. The actor’s past experiences with purported mental instability have fueled more conjecture about his present condition. His actions have been linked to drug misuse by some; however, Shan George and other people have denied these accusations. Conversely, Anuku has continuously refuted any health concerns, blaming the viral images and videos on his parts in films.

Nollywood'S Hanks Anuku Shows Off His Adorable Family On Instagram, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

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