Offset And Cardi B Plot To Buy A Dream Home

Offset and Cardi B are planning to buy the house of their dreams. The Migos rapper discovered that his wife had published a motivational image of herself inside a house that was just a little out of her price range on her Twitter page.

“Took a picture in this house I want to buy,” wrote Cardi alongside the photo. “To remind myself to go harder, watch me get it.” Offset responded, “Damn you really want this house, don’t worry we gone get it !!”

The husband and wife have acquired a passion for lavishly purchasing each other, even homes. For her 29th birthday in October of last year, Cardi B received a mansion in the Dominican Republic, the country of origin of her family.

“I done bought you everything, so this year I wanted to get you something for having my beautiful son.” Offset made the statement while holding his wife’s hand at her birthday party. “So I bought you a house in the DR. Yessir, that’s how we coming, pool on the roof. God is good.”

At her husband’s 30th birthday celebration in December, Cardi announced that she was returning the favor by giving him a $2 million gift. Along with putting money aside for his wife’s dream home, Offset is getting ready to drop a new solo album amid rumors that his Migos team is breaking up.

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