Omah Lay On Being Depressed & Suicidal

Depression and suicide are among the problems the world has been contending with for as long as one can remember. Some people go through it and never live to tell the tale. Some are fortunate to come out of depression and not end up taking their lives.

Nigerian singer Omah Lay is a survivor. He had battled depression and suicidal ideation previously but managed to come out. Now, he is in a position to understand those who are still contending with the problem – in a position to offer help one way or the other.

The “Soso” crooner delved into his depression story during an interview with H Steph. According to him, he went through depression at some point in his life. Suicide crossed his thoughts as well. But he was able to overcome that dark period – something he ascribed to divine intervention.

That era is passed now, and he couldn’t be happier for the position he currently is in. Having experienced what it is like to be depressed, he is in a position to help others. His song “Soso” remains a favourite among his fans, most of whom say it is a sad song and emotionally tasking – the story of a survivor.

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