Philly Goats’ Star Unveils “Put It In Her Back” Featuring PGS Spence and Teases ‘Make It Out’ Mixtape

D STURDY Ignites the Music Scene with Energetic New Single and Announces Upcoming Mixtape

In an exciting development from the world of music, D STURDY, a pivotal figure from the celebrated Philly Goats, has shared details about his eagerly awaited mixtape “Make It Out,” set for a spring release through Stack Or Starve/Def Jam Recordings. This new project marks a significant step for STURDY as he embarks on a solo journey, offering fans an intimate look into his life experiences and artistic evolution. The mixtape promises to be a reflective exploration of his Philadelphia roots, his resilience, and his storytelling prowess.Philly Goats' Star Unveils &Quot;Put It In Her Back&Quot; Featuring Pgs Spence And Teases 'Make It Out' Mixtape, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

Alongside the announcement of “Make It Out,” STURDY has dropped his latest single, “Put It In Her Back,” featuring fellow Philly Goats member PGS Spence. The track is a testament to their undeniable energy and distinctive style, combining Jersey Club rhythms with fast-paced lyrics and bold declarations of dominance in the rap game. This release builds on the momentum of STURDY’s previous single, “Die Young,” a powerful homage to friends lost to gun violence and a narrative of overcoming adversity.

The reception to “Put It In Her Back” has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans and critics alike praising its dynamic production and infectious hook. The track exemplifies STURDY and PGS Spence’s ability to captivate listeners with their spirited performances and lyrical dexterity.

D STURDY’s rise to prominence alongside the Philly Goats has been meteoric. Their debut mixtape garnered millions of streams and critical acclaim for its vibrant tracks that encourage listeners to dance. Recognitions such as being named a “Trending Artist On The Rise” by YouTube and receiving nods from VIBE and The FADER, underscore their impact on the music scene.

As D STURDY prepares to release “Make It Out,” he continues to push the boundaries of club rap, blending traditional elements with innovative sounds. With “Put It In Her Back” setting the stage, the music world eagerly awaits the full reveal of his mixtape and the next chapter in STURDY’s career. Stay tuned for more updates on D STURDY and the Philly Goats’ journey.


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