Diddy Issues Bitter Statement After Fourth Alleged Victim Files Lawsuit

Following the allegations of sexual assault by a fourth woman, Sean “Diddy” Combs has issued a statement.

The founder of Bad Boy Records came to Instagram on Wednesday, December 6, to re-emphasize his denial of the vile accusations that began coming up following his ex-girlfriend Cassie’s scorching lawsuit a few weeks prior.

Diddy Issues Bitter Statement After Fourth Alleged Victim Files Lawsuit, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

In a case brought under the New York State Adult Survivors Act, Cassie was the first to go public with her accusations against Diddy. Among other things, she accused him of abusing her physically and sexually.

Less than a day later, the record label executive resolved the lawsuit, giving her an unverified sum while his attorney issued a statement saying the agreement shouldn’t be seen as an admission of guilt, but we weren’t born yesterday.

Two other lawsuits were immediately brought against Puff. According to one accused victim, in 1991, the producer drugged and physically abused her when she was a student at Syracuse University. She alleges that he also videotaped the attack and showed it to other guys.

A third complainant came forward alleging Puff went to her house a few days later and beat/choked her until she passed out. Before that, she confessed Diddy and R&B artist Aaron Hall had both taken advantage of her at Hall’s place.

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