Portable’s Discontent with Signee Yung Duu Surfaces Online

Portable and Yung Duu's Car Controversy

The Nigerian music industry has recently been abuzz with the unfolding drama between popular singer Portable and his signee, Yung Duu. Portable, known for his Afrobeat tunes and energetic performances, has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Yung Duu’s recent actions.

The core of the dispute revolves around a car. Earlier this year, Portable generously gifted a new vehicle to Yung Duu, a gesture that was widely publicized and celebrated. However, recent events have soured this relationship. Portable has now demanded the return of the car, citing Yung Duu’s alleged lack of gratitude and loyalty.

Screenshots of a conversation between the two artists have been circulating online, revealing Portable’s grievances. He claims that ever since he gifted the car to Yung Duu, he has experienced a string of bad luck, even going as far as to label Yung Duu as the cause. In the shared conversation, Portable expressed his frustration over Yung Duu’s perceived ingratitude, especially when another signee, Abuga, received a car and Yung Duu allegedly failed to celebrate the occasion.Portable'S Discontent With Signee Yung Duu Surfaces Online, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024Portable'S Discontent With Signee Yung Duu Surfaces Online, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

The situation escalated when Portable criticized Yung Duu for agreeing to perform at a show for a mere 70,000 Naira, especially after Portable had recently purchased a 3 million Naira car for him. This financial discrepancy and Yung Duu’s decision to accept such a low fee for his performance added fuel to the fire.

The online community has had mixed reactions to this unfolding drama. While some sympathize with Portable, feeling that his generosity was taken for granted, others believe that the singer is overreacting and not living up to the messages in his songs. Comments on social media platforms range from support for Yung Duu to calls for understanding and reconciliation between the two artists.

As the story continues to develop, fans and industry insiders alike are keenly watching to see how this dispute will be resolved. The hope is that both artists can find common ground and continue to contribute positively to the vibrant Nigerian music scene.

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