Portable’s Grand Return: Dollars Rain In Trenches After Europe Tour

 The Artist's Flamboyant Gesture Sparks Social Media Buzz

In a display of flamboyance and generosity, the controversial Nigerian artist, Portable, known as Habeeb Olalomi, has taken to the streets to share his success from his recent European tour. Videos circulating on social media platforms, especially Instagram, show the artist atop a moving vehicle, unbinding bundles of dollars and naira notes, and showering them upon an ecstatic crowd.

This audacious act comes shortly after Portable’s return from a successful European tour, where he was accompanied by one of his wives, Ewatomi Omobewaji. The tour had previously garnered significant attention from various Nigerian news outlets.

The streets, often referred to as the trenches, witnessed a rain of both dollars and naira, a gesture that has not gone unnoticed by netizens. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their admiration, surprise, and in some cases, criticism, especially considering the current economic challenges and the rising dollar rate against the naira.

Reactions have been diverse. A user, ijesaekun, commented, “Portable na client for trenches even some client no no give out dollar reach him.” Another user, the_savage_dj, humorously pointed out, “I swear portable no know today’s rate if he know he no spray dollar.” Praise for Portable’s generosity was evident, with a user named stardomgys stating, “One thing you can’t take away from portable is his GENEROSITY & KINDNESS… He’s so kind and philanthropic.

However, not all reactions were in praise. Some users pointed out the economic implications of such a gesture, especially with the rising dollar to naira rate. A user, imoleayobalogun, expressed surprise, saying, “Wow… This dude is generous!!! How can someone be sharing dollars on the street with the high conversion rate to Naira.

This isn’t the first time Portable has been in the news for his actions abroad. Reports suggest that he was involved in a drama in Italy over a disagreement with a show promoter about payment.

As the videos continue to trend, it’s clear that Portable’s gesture, whether seen as an act of generosity or flamboyance, has certainly captured the attention of many, making his return from Europe a topic of widespread discussion.

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