RIAA Come At NFT Platform, HitPiece, With Legal Action Threats, Calling It ‘Outright Theft’

The Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA, is threatening legal action, calling HitPiece’s actions “outright theft.”

A new NFT platform known as HitPiece launched a beta site this week. The site was putting thousands of song and album artwork NFTs up for sale. They, however, created those NFTs using information from Spotify’s API without obtaining permission from the either the artists or their record labels.

A report from Billboard has it that the RIAA sent HitPiece a demand letter on behalf of major labels, rightfully claiming intellectual property rights infringement.

“As you are no doubt aware, your clients, through the HitPiece website, have been engaged in the systematic and flagrant infringement of the intellectual property rights of the Record Companies and their recording artists on a massive scale,” RIAA senior VP litigation, Jared Freedman wrote.

RIAA Chairman, in the person of Mitch Glazier had this to say: “As music lovers and artists embrace new technologies like NFTs, there’s always someone looking to exploit their excitement and energy. Given how fans were misled and defrauded by these unauthorized NFTs and the massive risk to both fans and artists posed by HitPiece and potential copycats, it was clear we had to move immediately and urgently to stand up for fairness and honesty in the market.”

HitPiece has since come out to refute the claims pinned on them, saying they have never used or sold any copyright music without permission and will not do so.

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