Watch Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michaels & Tim Armstrong Rejoin Forces To Play “Sound System”

Jesse Michaels and Tim “Lint” Armstrong, two members of the cultishly beloved ska-punk group, Operation Ivy, reunited to play their signature song “Sound System”, backed by The Interrupters, in accordance to reports put out by Brooklyn Vegan.

A lot of people out there, fans included, are eagerly pushing for an Operation Ivy reunion, and last Sunday, February 6th, at the Musack Rock N’ Roll Carnival in Los Angeles, those people got pretty close to seeing their wishes come alive.

Armstrong was present at the fest to play backup for the Specials, and Michaels rose from the audience. It must have felt very thrilling, as well satisfying for everyone in attendance, especially those clamoring for a reunion.

A video of their reunion is below for your viewing pleasure:

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