Sarkodie’s Sister Was Nearly Knocked Off Stage By A Bouncer

Sarkodie was doing what he does best on stage in one of his most recent shows when his elder sister joined him, much to his surprise. While he was performing to a crowd of fans, she came behind him and held him for a bit before stepping back to dance to her kid bro’s song booming in the background. Sark swirled and saw her, but a hefty, angry-looking bouncer was already on his way to her in a bid to remove her from the stage by any means necessary.

Sark must have noticed his movement when he hastily introduced the woman flailing from side to side on stage as her elder sis. As soon as the announcement was made, the bouncer changed his course and retreated. While this was unfolding, fans in the audience enjoyed the music, taping every second of the event with their phones held up in the air as they watched Sark have a good time on stage with his sibling.

They danced with each other, and at some point, Sark’s elder sister hugged him so tight while he spat bars into the mic, thrilling the audience, which returned the energy with shouts and cheers. See for yourself in the clip below.

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