Burna Boy Describes How He Nearly Performed In A Wheelchair

Burna Boy the award-winning singer and performer, in an interview, recounted a never-before-heard account of how he was almost compelled to perform in a wheelchair at the recently finished ‘Made In America’ event.

When questioned what had caused him collapse backstage following his outstanding performance at the event in September 2022, the singer revealed that he had been hurt in a knife incident while preparing his lunch for the day. Burna claimed that he was attempting to make himself a peanut butter and jam sandwich when the knife he used to cut the bread was not properly placed, resulting in an incident.

He went on to say that he didn’t treat it right away since he needed to fly to America for the festival, and as a result, the injury worsened. He claimed that at that point, he had two options: get on stage in a wheelchair or ‘thug’ it out. He elected to perform on his feet and was unable to deal with the pain afterwards, resulting in his collapse backstage.

Meanwhile, numerous Nigerians on social media have agreed with Vulture, a U.S. magazine, in their criticism of Burna Boy’s recently released album “I Told Them” and his problematic behavior. Lawrence Burney’s piece, “Burna Boy Sounds Creatively Exhausted,” discusses important topics about Burna Boy’s career management.

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