Seven-Storey Building Collapses In Lagos: Several Trapped, Government Investigates

"Seven-Storey Building Collapses in Banana Island, Lagos: Rescuers Race Against Time to Save Trapped Workers as Cause of Collapse Investigated"

The Collapse of a Seven-Storey Building in Banana Island, Lagos

On April 13, 2023, a seven-story building collapsed in the Banana Island neighborhood of Lagos State. Emergency personnel continued to seek a victim who was buried beneath the rubble. Seven people have been rescued from the collapsed structure so far, with some suffering injuries of differing severity, while others remain trapped beneath the rubble.

The structure, which had been under construction for months, collapsed as the seventh floor was being laid. While some employees escaped unharmed, others were not so fortunate and became trapped beneath the debris. The occurrence has prompted a demand for an investigation into the collapse’s cause.


Rescue Operations in Progress

When the building collapsed, construction employees on the sixth floor attempted to lay the seventh floor. Witnesses, including construction workers at the site of adjoining structures on the premises, raised the alarm and notified the appropriate emergency agencies, which mobilized to the scene and initiated rescue operations.

As rescue operations continue, emergency personnel verify the number of people rescued and ensure that all rescued personnel are alive. Only one individual remains trapped beneath the collapsed structure’s rubble. A probe has been authorized to determine the cause of the collapse.

Government Reaction

The Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development has verified that the collapsed structure was not authorized for construction. An investigation into the incident has begun.

Tado Bamgbose-Martins, the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, visited the site to appraise the situation and launch the investigation. Margaret Adeseye, the general manager of the Lagos State Fire Service, stated that seven people with varying degrees of injuries were rescued, while one person remains trapped.

A 7-floor building under construction collapsed in Banana Island, Lagos State, this evening.

The victims of the building collapse who sustained injuries are receiving immediate medical attention.While we are able to confirm at this time, that there is no fatality. The unfortunate incident happened while workers at the site were involved in some casting work.

The Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Engr. Tayo Bamgbose-Martins was at site of the incident to assess the situation and flag off an immediate investigation into the cause of the building collapse.

We ask members of the public to remain calm and expect further information from the Ministry.

Concerns Regarding Building Collapse Incidents

The building collapse in Banana Island adds to the extensive catalog of recent building collapses in Lagos State. In the past decade, Lagos State has recorded an astounding 115 building collapses; in 2022 alone, the state recorded 20.

Kunle Awobodu, the founding president of the Building Collapse Prevention Guild, claims that the guild has begun its investigation to determine the cause of the collapse. Philips Ayotunde, the Treasurer of the Nigerian Institute of Builders in Lagos State, blames a lack of government oversight for the state’s recurring construction collapses.

Government Efforts to Limit Construction Fail

The government of Lagos State has made endeavors to reduce the number of building collapses in the state. The government has established divisional offices to ensure that building approvals are not centralized in one location. It has also established a committee comprised of experts from the private and public sectors to prevent such incidents.

In addition, the government’s material testing apparatus has been bolstered, and more individuals are being trained to detect problems when constructing a structure. The government is also increasing its advocacy efforts to instruct individuals on what to do and avoid when building.


The cause of the collapse of the seven-story structure under construction in Banana Island, Lagos State, is currently being investigated. There are ongoing efforts to rescue the individual still buried beneath the rubble. Over the past decade, 115 building collapses have been recorded in Lagos State, which is a source of growing concern. While the Lagos State government has tried to reduce the frequency of building collapses, the collapse on Banana Island highlights the need for greater preventative measures.

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