EKKSTACY Unveils New Singles Ahead of Upcoming Album Release

The Indie Artist Prepares for His Self-Titled Album Debut with Latest Tracks

Indie music sensation EKKSTACY is stirring up the music scene with the release of his latest double single, “shutting me out” and “goo lagoon.” These tracks are a glimpse into his much-anticipated self-titled album, set to launch on January 19, 2024, under the UnitedMasters label. This announcement follows the success of his earlier singles, “i can’t find anyone” and “bella,” the latter accompanied by a music video directed by Jason Nocito and featuring Lumia Nocito.

EKKSTACY’s new singles mark a significant shift in his musical journey, showcasing a deeper, more personal sound. The artist reflects on his experiences and the introspective periods of the past two years, which have heavily influenced the upcoming album. The songs resonate with themes of isolation and the solace found in constant movement. EKKSTACY shared a personal anecdote about “goo lagoon,” revealing it was composed in a hotel room in Los Angeles, a deviation from his usual practice as he rarely travels with instruments.

The upcoming album represents a milestone in EKKSTACY’s career, embodying an autobiographical narrative of his life as a musician. It encapsulates the solitude inherent in the creative process and the rigors of touring. The album was crafted in collaboration with Mangetsu and Apob, amidst extensive touring schedules and festival appearances, including a notable debut at Lollapalooza. The album promises a blend of post-punk, surf-rock, and shoegaze, a progression from the raw sound that marked his debut with the album NEGATIVE and the single “i walk this earth all by myself.”

EKKSTACY’s summer was packed with a European tour, featuring performances at prominent festivals like Reading & Leeds, where he solidified his reputation as a compelling live performer. His music, a fusion of post-punk, dream-pop, and indie, has resonated with audiences worldwide. The artist is set to return to Europe next month for a tour with Bakar, including stops in cities like Glasgow, Paris, and London.

Ekkstacy Unveils New Singles Ahead Of Upcoming Album Release, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024
Ekkstacy Album Artwork Shot By Jason Nocito

The upcoming self-titled album, EKKSTACY, is a testament to the artist’s evolving sound and growing confidence in his craft. It draws inspiration from a range of genres, reflecting the artist’s eclectic taste and creative versatility. The album is a journey through EKKSTACY’s experiences, from moments of introspection in Lake Arrowhead, California, to the energetic vibes of his live performances. It promises to be a cohesive yet diverse collection of tracks, showcasing the unique blend of sounds that define EKKSTACY’s music.


  1. i don’t have one of those
  2. luv of my life
  3. i guess we made it this far
  4. alright (feat. *** *** *****)
  5. goo lagoon
  6. bella
  7. shutting me out
  8. problems (feat. Trippie Redd)
  9. get me out
  10. fuck
  11. chicago
  12. headless horseman lost his way
  13. i can’t find anyone

Fans can listen to “shutting me out” and “goo lagoon” now and stay tuned for the full album release in January 2024:

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