The Internet Was “A Much Nicer Place” A Decade Ago, According To Logic, Who Discusses Online Hatred

Everyone has their own musical preferences, yet there is a surge of people sending abusive messages to musicians they don’t like. Even as social media users, we frequently witness people sending unkind posts, replies, and comments to rappers just because they aren’t fans. Even on its best day, the internet can be a pretty weird and cruel place.

However, Logic has been a target of a lot of hate despite the fact that all musicians experience these harsh remarks. The Vinyl Days creator discussed the hateful responses he gets during his latest interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1.

“It’s difficult, man, to see people tell you they hope your family dies, and your baby’s ugly, and X, Y, Z, and you deal with that every time you look on the internet,” complained Logic. “I know, it’s messed up, man. Yeah, as human beings. It’s insane to know that a decade ago this isn’t how the internet was. It was actually a much more nicer place. You know what I mean? There were still trolls and stuff… but everything now, how people even discuss or talk about music, ‘Yeah, this was mid.’ What does that even mean?”

Listen to the rapper speak his truth below.

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