The Nigerian Constitution Permits Tinubu To Hold Dual Citizenship, According To Fashola

Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola states that the Nigerian Constitution allows Bola Tinubu, the next president, to hold dual citizenship. However, Internet users flew into a frenzy about Mr. Tinubu’s oath-breaking lying to the country’s electoral commission after news of his diplomatic passport from Guinea spread on social media.

Due to potential legal steps that could be taken due to constitutional violations, the dual citizenship aspect, which has made Mr. Tinubu trend on Twitter for hours, is expected to rule public conversation during the present election petition trial. This is because a person will not be eligible to serve as president if “he has voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a country other than Nigeria,” according to Section 137(1)(a) of the Nigerian Constitution.

However, courts have consistently held that that clause of the Constitution does not apply to anyone born in Nigeria or a citizen of either one or both Nigerian parents. Therefore, only Nigerians of origin by birth and naturalization can hold dual nationality under Section 25–27 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.

Despite British citizenship, Bukola Saraki served as Kwara state governor for two terms before becoming Senate President. While Mr. Tinubu’s dual citizenship may not be a problem given that he was born in Nigeria, he is anticipated to fight to clear his name of any perjury accusations that may be brought against him.

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